simHERO Use cases

What is it good for

The Internet of Things (IoT) had a significant impact on the consumer electronics industry as we see today. More and more connected IoT devices are entering the market and consumers all over the World are having the same questions: Which SIM is the right one for me? Which data plan is the most appropriate one for my device without wasting money? And can simHERO be used for any kind of device? What does it mean if I have 100 Megabytes?

simHERO provides the answer for all your questions. We put a lot of efforts in creating the right data and rate plans for you and all your devices. We want to make sure that we translate the Bytes and Bits to the actual performance of your device, saving you time and money. Similarly, we are constantly scanning the markets for new IoT devices and check if simHERO is a perfect match. Where there is a will there is a way. And where there is a SIM slot there is simHERO. Our global IoT SIM can be used in every IoT devices using Data and/or SMS.

Investing money, time, and energy in creating a better understanding forthe IoT device and the related user behavior have been an essential reason for our success so far. We realized that if we understand our customers’ use cases, we will also be able to provide reliable guidance along this IoT trip.

Here some examples: