simHERO Business Models

simHERO business models for your connected devices

Our overall target is to enable end-users and business clients to manage their connected device such as trail camera, tracker, or any kind of smart home device. In order to achieve this goal, simHERO offers two different business models:


Working together with our sales partners all over the Globe, simHERO manages all connectivity-related issues such as invoicing or support handling related to the simHERO PREPAID SIM. Furthermore, we enable end-users to manage all their SIM cards for their IoT connectivity through our simHERO End-user Portal in which we not only offer our standard simHERO data plans, but customized plans based on the specific IoT device or based on the requirement of our partners. Want to find out more about simHERO PREPAID SIM Services?


simHERO ULTIMATE is the business model in which we deliver our IoT connectivity to our business clients. Consequently, we supply white-labelled or your individual branded SIM cards as essential part next to your IoT device. In addition to our global SIM solution, it includes one of the most advanced SIM Card management tools which empowers our customers to manage their global SIM – all the way from its activation to its termination. Want to find out more about simHERO ULTIMATE SIM Services?