simHERO IoT SIM cards in pet trackers

simHERO IoT SIM cards secure beloved pets. Pet owners do not need to worry if their dogs run out alone for an adventure and if their cats go for a stroll in the street. With the simHERO IoT connectivity, pet owners can find out the pets’ whereabouts at any time and get alerts if they step outside their homes. No matter how far pets wander, simHERO assures full control.

Global IoT SIM card

Come here!

Pets are always seeking for new adventures. To monitor their every step, simHERO makes sure that your beloved ones are always in sight. Regardless if it is during a walk in the forest or simply in an area with an instable network signal, our global IoT SIM card always keeps an eye on your pet, in highland regions or lowland plains.

No local network SIMs

Pets on holidays

Pets are like family members and therefore you might consider taking your cat or dog with you on holidays. simHERO makes sure that your pet and you can fully enjoy the vacation without dealing with local network SIMs. We make sure that all your family members, also the inhuman ones, are safe and sound.

Ride the trends

Back to the future

While most trackers are using 2G as main technology, simHERO has already prepared itself for the next version of pet tracking devices by offering LTE Cat M1 and alternatively NB-IoT on the shelf. simHERO makes sure you can ride the trends with the access and support to impress your customers.

Mobile data

Where have you been? Where are you now?

Either you want to know where your pet is now or want to know where it has been going all day, it does not matter as simHERO provides the right services to cover both. Use SMS or data to selectively track the current location or live track your beloved one for hours by using mobile data. Everything is possible with your simHERO Money Plans or ULTIMATE services.