simHERO IoT SIM cards in trail cameras

The simHERO IoT SIM card has established a remarkable impact in the trail camera industry and is one of the preferred SIM cards for trail cameras across the Globe. Here are some of the reasons why hunters trust simHERO:

Stay on track

And here I have a signal bar

The simHERO IoT SIM card is generally characterized by connecting to the strongest available network which switches to next available network once the prior network signal gets lost. Especially in forest areas where network signals are not stable, simHERO is able to keep the trail camera connected to keep an eye on every movement in this area.

No limits

The sky is the limit – not a country border

Similarly, our global IoT SIM card is designed to also work in areas close to national borders. The simHERO IoT connectivity includes not only one national network in one specific country but instead, it covers entire geographical regions and zones.
For the simHERO SIM Card it is irrelevant where the camera is located – it simply connects to the strongest signal.

Seasonal usage

Bring in the pictures

In our PREPAID Model, simHERO offers data plans specifically for trail cameras. To provide the best possible service for our users, we have been in deep discussion with our trail camera partners which resulted in our simHERO Camera Plans. These customized plans allow our users to optimize their plans according to their seasonal usage (monthly, 6-months and annual plans). We also added a description which gives an orientation of how many pictures can be expected by purchasing a certain plan with a certain camera setting.

Join the path

Let me ask my colleague

simHERO has been working with many camera brands all over the Globe and we are in touch with many camera manufacturers. These relationships and the very detail conversations with our partners have led to a continuous improvement of the trail cameras as such, our global IoT connectivity services for trail cameras and most importantly to satisfied camera users with whom we are able to join the path.