About us


It is not simply our SIM connectivity solutions which have led to our success – it is the passion of all our team members to constantly improve every aspect of our business and the way we treat our customer every day.


Working in a constantly changing environment requires to continuously be ahead – not only in terms of technology but also in terms of our internal organization.


We have an ambition to work in the best possible way to provide the best service for our customers. Therefore, every project is a matter of heart despite the size.


We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience is the only way to provide the best solutions and to fully understand our customers’ needs.


In a complex environment, it is essential to get every stakeholder involved. We consider ourselves as additional team member of all our clients to overcome any obstacles on our path to success.

Meet the team

Harald Fuchs

Our captain in charge, with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, is not only known to be a great visionary but also to be a Gin Tonic loving Cyclist.

Josef Schreiner
Head of Sales

Our unstoppable Salesman! The main brain behind the simHERO brand. Passionate about tennis, golf & superheroes – not necessarily in that order. His biggest personal goal is to have Robert Downey Jr.’s (the Iron Man) stamp of approval.

Mar Bosch
Area Sales Manager - Spain, Italy & LATAM

Her name „Mar” means sea, and she adores the sea. Even though most of the year she lives in sunny Barcelona, snow and skiing are her favorite things. She is a very active person, methodical, but also very flexible, when it comes to current trends and needs.

Peter Grimmer
Customer Support & Logistics

The first one to help you when you are in need – our nature-loving Customer Supporter. He loves to travel and going on long hikes, and after a long day, he enjoys his favorite Gin Tonic.

Bernhard Sieber
Customer Support & Logistics

Assigned with multiple talents, our tennis playing guitarist makes sure that our clients get their SIM cards at the right time at the right place while simultaneously taking care of our customers’ worries.

Andreas Krammer
Head of Technology

The American Football loving cyclist transformed from a sales guy to one of the most acknowledged tech experts for telecommunication and software development in our team.

Maximilian Kanzi
Junior Product Manager
Our Coffee-powered allrounder is always happy to answer any questions about our products. When he is not supporting our customers he loves cooking, driving cabriolets, and making latte art.
Andrea Kempf

Our master of coin likes traveling and enjoys diving in travel literature. She has more than 20 years of experience in controlling & accounting. Number crunching is a term that fits many of her activities in daily business!

Mei Lin
Area Sales Manager - Asia

Our sales expert for the Asian market loves the journey of shifting to positive perceptions about things, people, and businesses. Additionally, she adores Italy, and everything connected to it!

Kasia Gerlée
Digital Marketing Manager

Our office digital marketing magician and social media passionate, joining us from Poland. She loves to travel, always finds a creative solution, is an MCU geek, has an undying love for the Friends TV series and pop culture.

Nadia Fortes
Platform Engineer

Our Cristiano Ronaldo loving Yogi from Portugal is known for continuously improving our different platforms and bringing balance into our team. Apart from that, she enjoys discovering Austria during weekend trips.

Lea Machacek
Customer Support & Logistics

This woman can do it all! She will provide you with high-quality support, answer all your questions, and teach you how to dance! In her free time, she is studying Fashion Management and living a happy life with her two dogs.

Vincenzo Caggiula
Head of Operations
Welcome to Operations, a motley assortment of misfits; few people know what we do but, trust me, you can’t do without us! I’ve been known to enjoy watching rugby, overindulge in pizza and cigars and love riding my Vespa!
Patrick Lamprecht
Area Sales Manager - USA, Canada, UK, AUS & NZ
The US-loving and John Deere-admiring sales manager enriches our sales team not only with his OEM experience in the food industry but also with his constant reminders of his Styrian origin – on a daily basis. He enjoys motor sports and closing the year with a final shopping tour in NYC.
Alissa Bulinckx
Product Manager

Our Product Manager with a passion for telling stories, playing D&D, and going on long walks while listening to bizarre podcasts. Here to help us write the future story of our products!

Tim Juchert
Inside Sales Manager

Our inside sales manager not only knows the ins and outs of our business and sales team but is also an environmentalist convinced that IoT can help create a greener world. He also has a passion for outdoor sports and Latin dance.

Diogo Malaquias
Area Sales Manager - Benelux, Portugal & India

CR7’s cousin (or not), is a Gin lover, passionate about Dogs, and a fan of Basketball and MotoGP. Once in Vienna, fell into the Digital world by chance, and since then have been involved in Payments, Digital Security and is now looking into the future… IoT.

Ivana Caggiula
Area Sales Manager - Eastern Europe

From the Balkans to the Urals, she looks after all of our Eastern European customers & prospects. Any other time she can be found enjoying her family and knitting her way through kilometers of yarn!

Friedrich Barwinek
Area Sales Manager - DACH, Nordics, Middle East & Africa
Coming soon…
David Edlinger
DevOps Engineer
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