simHERO IoT SIM cards in security systems

In terms of security, simHERO IoT connectivity can be a major asset for consumers. Regardless if the SIM is used as primary source or as backup for the cellular security system, our multi-network IoT connectivity assures that all essential elements such as control unit, camera or smart lock stay connected in case of emergencies.

Stay connected

No signal here

A cellular security system is only of worth as long as the system is connected. By providing access to multiple networks, the simHERO IoT SIM card assures that your security system is always connected – even if a network drops out. In case of such an outage, the simHERO SIM card connects automatically to the next available network.

No WIFI required

No power now

Wireless security systems connect via WIFI or a SIM card. In combination of the available multi-network, simHERO not only has an increased coverage but also reduces the risk of losing the connectivity due to power failure. Similarly, assets such as houses or boats can be secured in a professional way without wiring or WIFI connection required.


To infinity and beyond

To keep the security system running as long as possible, simHERO has developed a PREPAID model in which our end-users can buy a certain money credit. This credit does not expire and assures that the system is not connected due to lack of credit. For this instance, email notifications are triggered as soon as a certain threshold has been reached. Do not worry about these minor things – we make sure that you deal with this at the right time.