simHERO Technology

The global IoT solution for consumer electronics

You want your devices to connect efficiently for their best performance and to stay connected even in areas with weak connection – Our SIM cards will provide you with all these features you need.
 simHERO offers a customized and global SIM solution for IoT connectivity in the consumer industry. In cooperation with our renowned international network partners and our in-house developed software, we continuously expand simHERO’s global coverage with a growing number of national networks while simultaneously improving the usability of our SIM card management tools. Subsequently, our IoT connectivity solution is based on three essential pillars:

IoT Connectivity

Customized IoT connectivity provided by our multi-network SIM card


The right management software whoever takes command

Global Partners

The growing fellowship of our well-recognized global network partners

We at simHERO believe that the combination of these three pillars make the difference to assure the best practice of providing connectivity for IoT consumer devices.