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The mobile positioning system for hunting & sport dogs 

In our new series, we will introduce our simHERO partners, their products, and how the IoT connectivity is influencing their business. Meet – Tracker Oy is the world’s pioneer company in mobile positioning systems for hunting/sport dogs and semi domiciled animal-like reindeers, goats, etc.

Their primary focus is to ensure dog safety while in the woods and offer the best mobile social platform, with the easiest and most reliable possible connection within a hunting team – so that everybody gets the best hunting experience and never loses connection.

Tracker system consists of:

  • GPS tracking collars for hunting dogs: G500 BLACK MAGNUM, G1000 MAXIMA, Tracker SUPRA, & Tracker Artemis
  • GPS tracking for domiciled and semi domiciled animal: TRACKER SUPER BOAZU
  • A software running solution: Tracker Hunter
    • Compatible with both Android and iOS systems


We asked our friends at Tracker to answer a few questions about our cooperation, their customers, and connectivity needs. This is what they said…

About simHERO connectivity in Trackers

Our GPS devices G500FI, G1000 & Supra are delivered with a pre-integrated IoT SIM card. Depending on a country’s requirement we offer simHERO as a reliable connectivity solution for international users.

simHERO has been offered as a solution for our customers allowing them the freedom by offering the pay-as-you-go simHERO plan to fit their demand in terms of how and when they are using the collars. Thus, closing the gap of customer demands and be able to meet their expectations. We see a clear division between heavy users of the collars and occasional users.


Why is connectivity important in the GPS tracking industry?

Our tracking solutions are based on mobile networks and real-time GPS positioning. Therefore, it requires that the devices send and receive real-time positions both to mobile and live server in order to display collar and hunter position on a map. The reliability of the connectivity is a key to our system performance as well as to the security of our hunters and dog safety as to monitor positioning and avoid any misfortune accidents.

– said Imane Bakhi, Inter. Sales & Marketing Manager at Tracker.

Why Tracker choose simHERO as their connectivity partner?

There were many reasons, but the two main we can mention are:

  • Automatic activation: customer receives a ready-to-use device with a preloaded credit of 10€ free of charge. The set-up is done internally so we removed a lot of stress from end-users. Plus, if customers want to manage their money plan, or add more balance, they don’t need to call or contact anyone. They can easily go to the simHERO platform, register, create an account and add more balance. The onboarding process takes about 5minutes.
  • Pay as you go solution with multi-operation connections, roaming solution, and SMS and / voice MT services which perfectly aligned with our tracking devices requirements.

What is your customers’ feedback on simHERO services?

Customers appreciate that they can easily manage their plans, add more credit if needed just by using the simHERO online platform. The big benefit is that they do not need to look for guidance anywhere else, all is very clear in the platform and easy to use. simHERO integrates instructive video tutorials, and FAQ to assist end-users when using the tool. Additionally contacting simHERO support service is very easy in case any questions appear.

For us it is a simple as less support needed > less stress > happy customer

What is your Partner feedback on simHERO services?

We are happy to say that simHERO has been very responsive and committed to responding to our requests and inquiries. We work in close collaboration to offer the best service possible and assist end-users in case of escalation or technical issues.

What are the future plans and ideas for developments for Tracker?

The current development of new telecommunication networks (such as LTE-M) and the increase of device connectivity due to the Internet of Things will put further pressure on tracking solutions to be able to respond to technological and customer demands. Tracker has been a front runner in technological innovation and continues to deliver to our customers’ products that will be fitting their demands and exceeding their expectations. In addition, we continuously looking to build a strong partnership with partners with subcontractors to deliver end-to-end solutions as per Tracker value and commitment to customer delight.

– Tracker Team

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