Power to the user

simHERO empowers consumers to manage their prepaid SIM connectivity. Regardless if the SIM is used in a trail camera, a tracker, alarm systems, or another connected consumer electronic using 2G, 3G or 4G – every Prepaid SIM can be managed in simHERO.
And while we empower our users, we take care of an easy setup of the connectivity and of every legal aspect such as ID verification.

A trusting partnership

Become simHERO partner – leave the connectivity to us!

Do you sell or manufacture IoT devices? Do you want your customers to enjoy immediate connection to the strongest network upon receipt of your devices without hustle? simHERO offers resellers and manufacturers a sales partnership that helps reducing workload and gain business opportunities at the same time!

All you need to do is distribute your pre-configured devices along with the simHERO PREPAID SIMs to your customers. If required, we add pre-loaded credit to all your SIMs and customize the simHERO mobile plans to your specific need. As compensation for increasing our SIM sales, we offer our partners a sales commission based on the generated revenue created by the sold prepaid SIM cards.

What kind of services does simHERO offer?

Depending on your device requirement and your target markets, simHERO offers customized prepaid plans. simHERO sales partners are able to define the SIM service profile as required by the device itself. As a result, we offer the following service options:

Data plans

simHERO PREPAID Data Plans for devices which require data (and receiving SMS)

Money plans

simHERO PREPAID Money Plans for devices which require data and sending/receiving SMS.

Multi Currency

All simHERO PREPAID plans are billed in EURO or US Dollar.

simHERO PREPAID Data Plans

simHERO PREPAID Data Plans are offered for IoT devices requiring data (in MB) only. We offer our consumers several data packages in MB which can be used for a period of time (monthly, semi-annual, annual). Furthermore, it is possible to extent the service profile to SMS MT (Mobile Terminating = receiving). Receiving SMS is free of charge.
simHERO currently offers data plans in the following two zones:



European Union



New Zealand
United States of America
simHERO offers customization options in terms of data plan sizes, validation durations and data plan naming which are decided from case to case.

simHERO PREPAID Money Plans

simHERO Money Plans are offered for IoT devices requiring data and SMS MO + MT (Mobile Originating = sending; Mobile Terminating = receiving). Instead of purchasing a specified data package for a determined time, consumers can upload a certain amount of money (in EURO or US Dollar) on their prepaid SIM cards. The purchased credit is unlimitedly valid.

The story behind
simHERO PrePaid

Watch the showreel to learn more about our plans, how simHERO PrePaid works and who is behind the scenes.